Safety is the responsibility of everyone … at no time shall safety be sacrificed for production

The goal of The Poling Company, Inc. is to be the best general contractor possible, performing work in a manner that is safe, consistent and observing all local, Federal and State laws and regulations.

As a leader in the construction industry, we understand the innumerable variables that can affect our business and, more specifically, our client’s construction project. We recognize these risks and consistently take proper steps to guarantee control and success.

We strive to maintain a proactive, rather than reactive focus on safety. This means taking a pre-operational approach rather than post-operational.

Pre-Operational Controls

1. Conducting thorough professional planning

Successful projects start with a successful plan. We take the time to think of everything during the strategic planning phase of each individual project. Our carefully trained specialists are able to analyze each phase to plot a future course that will allow continued development, success, and profitability while minimizing problems and preventing injuries.

2. Obtaining the very best people

We believe that each team member is critically important to the overall success of any project. As a company, we achieve success by serving as a member of our client’s construction team, and we bring with us the very best in the business to work together to meet those needs.

3. Providing the best climate and environment in which to work

The culture of The Poling Company allows us to approach each project in a positive, aggressive manner to find the best solutions to any problems and create the best results.

This system allows us to maintain control of our operations by assessing risk and preventing accidents. We are committed to the prevention of all accidents and a “Zero Injury Concept” in that all accidents can be prevented.